Edwynn Houk Gallery’s Project Room will feature 10 unique works from Sissi Farassat’s newest series, “Contactprints.” By painstakingly hand-stiching thousands of crystals, threads, or sequins onto each image within the contact sheet, the artist creates a single work of art that obscures the subject and questions the focal point of each image. By spending such a long time making each work, Farassat challenges what seems to be the most basic tenant of photography – the instantaneousness of the picture-taking process, and the ability to reproduce that image multiple times. Instead, the artists guides us through each contact sheet and its sequence of images by connecting them through her singular working method.

contactsheet#11, 2016, 24X30cm, unique


contactsheet#25, 2016, 24X30cm, unique


contactsheet#51, 2017, 24X30cm, unique